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Airframe+ supports the full range of smartphones and phablets ranging from the iPhone 5/5s (4″ screen) to the Lumia 1520 (6″ screen). It even accommodates oversized cases like the Otterbox Defender and Mophie® battery cases. Sporting a new sleek design while still weighing under an ounce, Airframe+ offers all of the amazing functionality and portability of the original Airframe car mount.

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I was a big fan and user of the Kenu Airframe, which is a cleverly-designed and well-built auto smartphone holder. But then I upgraded my iPhone to the Pop-Tart (otherwise known as the iPhone 6 Plus). The Pop-Tart is too big for the original Airframe. So I was extremely happy to see that Kenu has released the Pop-Tart-friendly version, the Airframe+.

Like the original Airframe, the Airframe+ clips onto a louver on one of your car’s dashboard vents. The angle is adjustable by rotating, to keep your phone vertical no matter what the orientation of your car’s vent. And the clip has different slots for narrow or thick vent louvers. Depending on your situation, clipping onto a vent may be the Airframe’s only drawback &em; if your car doesn’t have a way to close the vent other than closing the louvers, your phone may not appreciate being
blow-dried during the winter.

The clip expands to insert the phone, then springs back to hold the phone in place. This can be done smoothly with one hand, as you can see in the video below. The clip expands wide enough to accommodate most phablets, including the Pop-Tart and the Galaxy Note 3.

In a world of windshield suction cups, cup-holder goosenecks, and other such atrocities, the Airframe and Airframe+ are among the most elegant solutions out there.