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Why We’re Here

We here at Men Need are dedicated to the notion that ladies can’t have all the fun, and that Men Need Battery-Operated Toys Too!  We know that men need a wide variety of different types of battery-operated toys as well. And that we men can use many of our battery-operated toys in public.

What We Do

We feature stories informing men of the coolest products along the wide spectrum of toys that men like.  We also offer links so you can buy our featured products from our affiliate partner sites.  So, if you like what you see, help us keep it going by purchasing through our affiliate partners!

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  • Carol Monahan

    I have been to your site several times every time you have the Amazon Fire Stick for $19.00 when I go to the link you have on your site, it takes me to the Amazon link but it is $39.00 for the one with out voice remote and $49.00 with voice what is the deal on this?